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HR Grapevine publish in-depth editorial content for thriving communities of HR and business leaders. Get in front of HR decision-makers and influencers with content hosting and advertising opportunities, complete with enhanced engagement data and automated retargeting options to maximise reach to your bespoke audience.
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Content Partnerships
As a content partner, you'll have the opportunity to supply content to be hosted on HR Grapevine, providing exposure to our engaged audience of HR professionals and decision-makers. Join us in shaping the conversation around HR and the workplace.
Branding & Advertising
HR Grapevine delivers insights, showcase columns and features with an output of daily and weekly specialist newsletters, covering all aspects of HR, that target core segments of an audience of over 150,000+ HR professionals.
HR Grapevine's team of skilled professionals, we create engaging videos, podcasts, infographics, and other content to meet your specific HR needs.
HR Grapevine can build and promote your survey to provide a guaranteed volume of response data that informs your strategy and captures data to improve your sales reach and supply deeper insight on the challenges your potential customers face.

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