Intent Data

Engagement data captured exclusively by HR Grapevine, becomes actionable intelligence on the HR audience via our specially developed digital platform, driving shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.
  • The only specialist HR publisher that provides deep and meaningful intent data.
  • Using real-time engagement tracking you can start to understand the needs of HR professionals.
  • Create better leads and close bigger value deals using insight from hundreds of thousands of data points.
  • Deliver success through a content strategy based on what is most engaging for HR professionals.
  • Reach users that are real, engaged and active in your market with targeted email campaigns.
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Grapevine Intelligent Lead Tracker is a portal to a host of valuable behavioural insight, audience targeting and engagement opportunities with:
  • Behavioural information mapped to key readership demographics
  • Topic and keyword trend analysis
  • Advanced audience filtering to develop understanding of bespoke target segments
  • Topic, keyword and article drilldowns to see the brands most active in core areas of intent
  • Easy-to-use engagement indexing and scoring
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