Intent Data

Our expert team uses powerful intent data to deliver better, with enhanced data and cohort targeting options available on all our products to achieve higher close rates and meaningfully improve your ROI.
  • Identify individual corporate members of the HR Grapevine audience reading your content, and retarget them directly.
  • Improve RoI, with emailing driven by close proximity to readership, quickly moving individuals from marketing qualified to sales qualified leads.
  • Define target criteria with advanced filtering and use automation to continuously engage with the most valuable individuals for your sales team.
Start improving RoI today!

Target the identified individual using their active corporate contact details.

HR Grapevine can:

  • Tell you who is engaged with your brand.
  • Match your content to an individual HR contact.
  • Remove the inaccuracy of IP tracking and lookalike data.

Improve RoI with faster sales qualified lead (SQL) creation and better lead quality.

HR Grapevine can:

  • Use your target accounts and sectors to identify the most engaged individuals for your sales team.
  • Directly associate them to one or more content touchpoints to structure productive sales approaches and conversations.
  • Reduce the time it takes to create MQLs and SQLs.

Define your target audience and automatically match those engaged with your content.

  • Define multiple criteria to identify the highest-value individuals for your sales and marketing team.
  • Take advantage of automated retargeting to speedily follow up on each engagement.
  • Change your approach to content and create better leads, faster.

Market Intelligence Report

Download our free Market Intelligence Report and discover insights from thousands of reader interactions and exclusive data on the engagement of the HR Grapevine audience. Get a taste of what our Intent Data platform can do for you!

Content Marketing Guide

Download our free Content Marketing Guide and explore advice and guidance for marketing teams at all stages of the content marketing journey.

Brands that work with us

Case Study


About Moorepay

Moorepay are a leading payroll & HR software and services provider. Moorepay believes in making payroll and HR easy, supporting this ethos with a content marketing programme packed with expert advice and practical resources.

What HR Grapevine did for Moorepay

HR Grapevine provide the Moorepay team with a content publishing platform, where their expert thought-leadership content can increase their brand exposure.

By adding HR Grapevine’s enhanced reader data to their content programme, the Moorepay team can now see which brands they are engaging and can retarget key individuals based on the number of employees as well as the area of the HR function for which they have responsibility.

HR Grapevine uses the enhanced reader data to deliver personalised communications with proximity to readers engagement with Moorepay’s content, encouraging them to make use of additional practical resources provided by Moorepay.

This has allowed Moorepay to improve overall brand awareness and support their objectives of increasing the number of subscribers to their valuable content programme.

What Moorepay Say

“It’s great working with the team at HR Grapevine, the enhanced reader data has provided us with a better understanding of who is engaging with our content. And it’s really useful to have the opportunity to retarget the specific active contacts that we want to add to our lead pool.” - Senior Marketing Manager, Moorepay

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