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Enhanced lead generation
targeting HR Buyers

HR Grapevine engages a community of over 80,000+ senior HR leaders,
and connects Human Capital solutions providers with potential buyers through quality marketing campaigns.

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Data Driven
Marketing Solutions
Our dedicated account managers and delivery specialists will ensure the success of your campaign in a fiercely competitive marketplace, providing detailed reporting via our specially developed digital platform, and a clear focus on ROI throughout.
Campaign Planning
HR Grapevine work closely with our clients to understand your goals and objectives. Transparency and measurable performance are a unique part of our process.
Building Commercial Relationships
HR Grapevine partner with client marketing teams to deliver sales ready leads, unique branding opportunities and continuously optimizing campaigns so you can sell more.
Readership Insight & Intelligence
HR Grapevine provides unparalleled insight on the emerging trends in the HR community to guide clients in creating more powerful and successful content, as well as activate prospective buyers with enhanced automation.


Lead Generation
Don’t get just any lead, get the leads you need with HR Grapevine. Our expert lead creators combine your downloadable resources with a variety of intelligent data solutions alongside tried and tested marketing tools to deliver quality leads your team will love.
Take your thought leadership to a highly engaged audience across all stages of the buyer journey, creating leads that will drive sales in the short, medium and long-term. Webcasts and virtual events hosted in partnership with HR Grapevine maximize your reach by mobilizing our HR community for both live and on demand streaming.
Email Marketing
Let HR Grapevine get your message into the inbox of our community of HR leaders. Take advantage of our high-quality, continuously researched, database to create a bespoke list of specialist buyers. Cut through the noise with support from email marketing experts, optimising your message to get maximum engagement from every e-blast.
HR Grapevine’s digital estate provides you with multiple opportunities to increase your brand exposure and top-of-funnel engagement. Using our content and advertising solutions guarantees an audience of the HR buyers and influencers with whom you need to build awareness, meaning less wasted marketing spend!

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