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HR Grapevine delivers insights, showcase columns and features with an output of daily and weekly specialist newsletters, covering all aspects of HR, that target core segments of an audience of over 150,000+ HR professionals.
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Sponsored Columns
Showcase your thought leadership and expertise in the HR industry. HR Grapevine's sponsored columns gives you the opportunity to provide exclusive content that aligns with your brand's messaging and values. Featured prominently on HR Grapevine and shared with an engaged audience of HR professionals and decision-makers.
HR Grapevine's daily and specialist newsletters deliver the latest content to the growing community of HR leaders. A presence on one of the newsletters creates visibility in the inbox of tens of thousands of engaged GDPR-compliant contacts. Promote your brand to over 90,000+ HR leaders via daily newsletters, which generate over 300,000 active engagements monthly.
You have the opportunity to partner with HR Grapevine through a variety of traditional and non-traditional display opportunities alongside news, feature or multimedia content, including topic/content targeting, resulting in brand exposure and reach. Adverts receive 20,000+ average monthly impressions, totalling 600+ hours of brand exposure per month.

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