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HR Grapevine reaches out to an audience of 150,000+ HR leaders and Influencers every month

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Data Driven
Marketing Solutions
Our dedicated account management and client delivery teams will support you and ensure the success of your campaign with detailed reporting, delivered via our specially developed digital platform, and a clear focus on RoI throughout.
Campaign Planning
HR Grapevine work collaboratively with our clients to design and deliver marketing solutions based on their goals and objectives. Transparency and measurable performance are a unique part of our process.
Building Commercial Relationships
With a range of clients, from new start-ups to multinational brands, HR Grapevine partners with digital marketing teams to deliver sales ready leads and unique branding opportunities that engage and convert the HR audience.
Readership Insights & Trends
HR Grapevine's newly launched intent data portal provides unparalleled insight on emerging trends in the HR conversation, allowing clients to create more powerful and successful content, as well as target engaged readers through enhanced automation.


Lead Generation
Using forward-thinking content and innovative approaches, the HR Grapevine team won’t just get you any lead, we can target the exact GDPR-compliant leads you need from our community of HR leaders.
With engaging content crucial to success, webinars, created with HR Grapevine, are a fantastic way to showcase how you help business leaders deliver success and widen your sales funnel to generate new leads.
Appearing alongside the brightest names in HR builds your credibility as a trusted partner. At HR Grapevine, we use 20 years of experience in B2B communications to push the boundaries with our events - driving engagement with the HR leaders looking for the best solutions.
Email Marketing
Getting in touch with the right people is an art. HR Grapevine are experts at creating performance driven email communications that leverage our high-quality, continuously updated, database to get you noticed.
Digital Publishing
HR Grapevine publish audio, video and in-depth editorial for thriving communities of HR and business leaders. You can appear alongside our best content using a variety of traditional and bespoke advertising options.
Intent Data
Using your content and our readers, the Grapevine Intelligent Lead Tracker unlocks actionable intelligence, and target individuals, and uses powerful intent data to shorten sales & marketing cycles, achieve higher close rates and meaningfully improve RoI.

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