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Case Study


Since 1998, Eploy has been helping in-house recruitment teams work faster and smarter. They supply a cloud-based recruitment platform that combines Applicant Tracking, Recruitment CRM, Talent Pool Engagement, Onboarding and Analytics that is precision engineered to help find, engage and recruit the best talent.

What Eploy Needed

As the focal point of an annual activity plan, the team at Eploy needed to gather market data to create their annual UK Candidate Attraction Report - with a specific focus on in-house recruitment teams and talent acquisition specialists across all industries and company sizes. It was essential that a minimum response target be reached in time to allow data analysis for the report to be completed. The Eploy team were looking for a replicable solution that they could use to support the creation of this report year-on-year to share top recruitment trends and behaviours across the talent acquisition landscape.

How we Created Success

After consultation with our team on the goals of the survey, we optimised the survey structure, content and conditional logic to deliver an improved completion rate over the previous iterations.

We also provided advice and support in sourcing a suitable incentive to encourage report completion. To ensure the maximum possible reach and attraction of respondents from the target audiences, our team leveraged both our HR Grapevine and Executive Grapevine brands to deliver a cross-channel promotional campaign that incorporated display, email and social content. This highly successful campaign delivered 100% of target survey responses with significant time in hand. Having now run for 4 years, the Candidate Attraction Survey is a core element of Eploy’s marketing strategy that acts as a useful resource for in-house recruiters to benchmark their experiences with sector peers and for planning their talent attraction and marketing strategies.

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